These labels are the finest quality available.  They are printed on thick vinyl stock that features a removable paper backing covering the adhesive. They have an ultra-violet resistant coating to help protect against fading.

The labels come in 3 sizes – for different types of vending equipment.

Small – 2 1/2” X 2 1/2” – for honor boxes (only) (candy, snacks)

Medium – 3” X 4” – for bulk vending machines (candy, nuts, gum, mints, toys, stickers)

Large – 5” X 7” – for large/combo machines (snacks, sodas, juice, water)


Please note that there is a 5 label minimum on your initial order. The following easy 5-step process will be automated for you once you begin filling out the pricing/order form, but here, for reference, are the steps:

1. Go to pricing/order form

2. Read vending license agreement

3. Complete order form

4. Continue to checkout page

5. Download your free bonuses!!

After you submit your label order, you will receive an email thanking you for your order. The email will contain a link to download your free items