Honor Box Label

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Included Free With Your Labels

Forms for you to copy and present to your location –

1. Authorization Letter

Thanks the location owner for allowing placement of the vending unit and explains your

relationship with Vendors For Veterans and also has your contact information.

2. Certificate of Appreciation

Recognizes and thanks the location proprietor for their support of our U.S. Military Veterans.

8 ½” x 11” – Suitable for framing.

Also included FREE –

Some great sales tools – for help with self-locating:


3. Charity ID card/Nametag

Wear with a lanyard or on your collar or shirt pocket.

4. Colorful Brochure

With information about you, your services and the Vendors For Veterans charity.

5. Sample Scripts & Tips

For you to use for phone or in-person locating.


6. New – Just Added!

Free telephone consultation with Mike.

Get an expert’s opinion & advice. Mike has been an entrepreneur for over 50 years and a bulk vending route operator in recent years. He knows what it takes to get started and he knows the vending business. As a Vendors For Veterans subscriber/donor you can call him with your questions any time.

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Label Type

Honor Box Labels (candy, snacks), Bulk Machine Labels (candy, nuts, mints, gum, toys), Large/Combo Machine Labels (snacks, sodas, juice, water)