A Charity Vending Program Benefitting


Mike Ives is a
former U.S. Marine
on a mission...

The mission is to improve the lives of U.S. Military Veterans in need through ‘Charity Vending’. He accomplishes this through his tax-exempt 501(c)(3) non-profit charity ‘ Vendors For Veterans’ and it’s ‘Help A Hero’ Charity Vending Program for vending route operators.

Win-Win for Both Vendors and Veterans

The ‘Help a Hero’ Charity Vending Program provides vending route operators the opportunity to help U.S. Military Veterans in need. It also gives local business the same opportunity by donating space for the vending unit. Customers and employees appreciate having the unit there and knowing that it benefits a very deserving and worthwhile cause – Vets.

Charity Vending Generates More Vendor Revenue

Charity vending route owners enjoy significantly more revenue than non-sponsored units because most locations will allow placement of their equipment free of commissions if they are affiliated with a recognized 501(c)(3) charity. A win-win-win for all – the veterans, the location, and the route operator.

Check out this website and join us today. Together we can improve the lives of some of our cherished U.S. Military Veterans.

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Win-Win for Both Vendors and Veterans!